Social activities

To colonize the galaxy, we must first improve the place where we live.

Believe in communities

We believe in the need for building a community that contributes to good ideas to the development of Sofia and its inhabitants. Launchee opens its doors to NGOs, social projects and campaigns, focusing on the city's development, education and training of children who can use the space in its full capacity to develop and implement their projects.

Our Space. Our Sofia.

Is Sofia a cosmic city? Even if it isn't, that doesn't stop us from fighting to achieve its best version!

Image of a floating astronaut

And because this mission is ambitious and constant, its success requires a guard of like-minded astronauts. Fortunately, such are not lacking in Sofia and Launchee is ready to provide its Space Station to projects and organizations that not only talk but also actively work for a better version of the city.

Kids Space

Children have cosmic energy and the potential to turn the future into a better place and time than the present. We desire that they retain this energy and realize this potential, charged with shared knowledge, experience and inspiration. Driven by this desire, we are very pleased to engage the Launchee spaces with regular interactive events, seminars and trainings for the youngest astronauts.

Learn more about our joint initiative with eduFACT  - 59-Years of Difference.

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