Project "59 years of difference"

What do children and adults dream of? We know that every child has comprehensive capabilities, but how great is the value of family upbringing and what is its role in the formation of "dreams"?

A joint project of eduFACT & Launchee
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59 years of difference

The social initiative "59 years of difference" will meet representatives of the children's community with prominent professionals executing their dream profession. The aim of the project will be to inspire the young generation to reach their potential, pursue their dreams and to boost their vast prospectives. Of course, the role of the parent in the formation of the child's consciousness, interests and individuality will be a key figure.

The "59-year difference" project will consist of two parts, each one of them increasing its social responsibility and commitment. The first one will involve video recording of discussions between children and proven professionals in a given field. In the second stage, these video series will be distributed on social networks and by selected media partners with the ultimate goal to reach as many children and parents as possible.

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