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How many event rooms does Launchee offer?

Six (Kepler 452-B, Supernova, Stardust, Quasar, Pulsar, Eta Carinae) – and they can be modified or combined according to the preferred formats. We are inviting you for a virtual tour to get to know each one of them.

What exactly do ‘hybrid events’ mean?

Practically, we can combine a variety of formats, which can be streamed LIVE. Part of the audience could attend the event physically, and the rest of the participants – online. The same is valid for the moderators, lecturers, hosts, presenters – they could either choose to attend the venue on spot, or be connected to their device, regardless of their location.

Each space offers a myriad of possibilities – even if you cannot imagine exactly what format you need, our team is here for you to guide you!

Which streaming platforms do you use?

We are using almost all available streaming platforms, depending on our clients’ needs and preferences. We recommend Webex as a communication tool with lecturers/presenters, who are joining virtually. We have experienced in streaming with Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, Microsoft Teams,, Bigmarker but practically, the streaming can be organized through an independent platform, even your own website. 

How can we involve and interact with the audience?

Interaction with your audience is not a problem at all – we highly recommend it as this further engages the participants. When we are live-streaming, the audience can ask questions to the presenters/lecturers – the format depends on the specific streaming platform we have chosen to use for the occasion. For example, if we Facebook, the audience can send all questions as comments live, below the streaming window. Zoom also allows interaction with the participants; other platforms can offer creating separate session rooms, networking space, quiz/game rooms, etc. – this space is usually taken by the event’s sponsors and partners. During the event, it is possible to use additional platforms or communication apps, i.e. 

How can the participants register when using these platforms?

This can happen either via the streaming platform or by using the organizer’s preferred one – as long as he has the attendees’ e-mails.

Option A is to direct your audience to the online event (through the streaming platform) where they would register themselves to be granted access. ‍

Option B (which, in our opinion is slower and requires more efforts but is possible when hosting less than 100 people) is that the organizer registers the participants by entering their names and emails and sends them the direct link to the streaming event.

It is also possible that people who have paid or registered for the event, to get a direct, hidden (not public) link in their email.‍

Should the audience use a paid platform, most of the cases it requires a certain fee for each person who has registered., for example, would charge a fee of 0.50 cents after the 100th registered has been reached. people have been reached. LAUNCHEE can offer its streaming account for events which are hosted here but there are certain limitations with the branding.

What is the technical equipment that Launchee offers?

We offer a high-quality recording and events streaming studio with 8 cameras, sound equipment, lighting and mix video/audio pult/desk for direct streaming. Check here Kepler 452b space full equipment, and our virtual tour can acquaint you with the rooms here.  Additionally, all furniture can be arranged according to the event’s format. We offer also a kitchenette that can add to the coziness of your venue.

What branding opportunities does Launchee offer?

Our team can secure everything your venue needs – preparation, design, special constructions and logistics before, during and after the event. We are experienced in all types of standard and non-standard constructions – it would be a pleasure to offer you a variety of options!  

Who is responsible for securing additional subcontractor services, if needed?

We work with proven subcontractors but you are free to offer your own partners.

What other services does Launchee offer?

Launchee’s cosmic team has all the elements which would compose a successful and unforgettable event. The full service list can be seen in the ‘Services’ section.

  • Planning and coordination
  • Concept / Idea / Marketing / Promo materials design
  • Program / invitations
  • Hosting, set-up and design
  • Technical equipment
  • Catering
  • Promotion and coordination
  • (Live-)streaming
  • HD recording (archiving)
  • Event manager and AV team
  • Ticket sale & statistics
Does Launchee offer streaming of events from any location?

Yes! The team of Launchee can provide live broadcast and streaming of events from any location and via any platform. Just contact our team with your specific request for a detailed offer.

Yes! I want to launch into space but I don’t know how much the experience is…

We believe that every space expedition is unique – as preparations, experience and space crew. That is why, it would be hard to provide a one-size-fit-all price-list, but we promise a supersonic-fast response when you get your request!

Our budgets consist of two components: space rent (includes the equipment) and the services used (technical preparation, recording, streaming, technical team, etc.). There are additional prerequisites which influence the end-price, such as regularity, length, design, catering, branding, etc. 

What is the closest public transport?

Serdika metro station is right there, as well as tram lines 4,5 and 22. 

What is the capacity of the event halls of Launchee?

The total capacity of Launchee for offline events is 158 people. Kepler-452b (129 sqm) hosts from 36 to 90 people, Supernova (38 sqm) – up to 20, Stardust (35 sqm) – up to 20 people, Pulsar (21 sqm) – up to 8, Quasar (32 sqm) – up to 14 people and Eta Carinae - up to 6 people. Click here to have a glimpse of their floorplan, the different settings and according capacities. In addition, each event can be streamed live to an unlimited number of participants. 

What is the audience capacity for online events?

Sky is the limit. ☺ We have no capacity limit whatsoever – and the best part of it is that this won’t affect your budget at all!

Are there options to include online team collaboration/brainstorming/design thinking sessions in an online event?

This would require using a brainstorming and collaboration online tools for teamwork. There is a variety of choice – free and paid. This article offers a nice list of the best 12 free platforms for these types of activities.

Can I have simultaneous translation during the streaming?

Totally – just bear in mind that a separate streaming for the interpreter is needed. This would require hiring a separate space in Launchee with the respective technical equipment so that we secure a connection with the main space. 

Is it obligatory to have a live streaming during my online event?

No, there are two options: 1) live-streaming (which is recommended by us as this option offers interaction with the participants) and 2) recording the event in advance and streaming it at your convenience.

What if I need additional equipment?

Let us know what you need and we would be happy to secure it for you! 

What type of branding can I choose from?

1. Online: all types of video (-streaming) branding: overlays, intro, outro videos, etc. , which we would coordinate with you in advance.

2. Offline: banners, roll-ups, scene, branded scene back, etc.  

Can we rely on Launchee to coordinate with all subcontractors?

Absolutely yes! ☺

I don’t have the opportunity to come on spot to check the space. What would you offer?

We understand – that is why we have created a Virtual tour into Launchee’s galaxy. The left panel offers a glimpse at our planet space – arranged in a variety of formats so that you decide what best suits you. The equipment is also available but as every galaxy does, this never stays static, so whatever ou might need, we at Launchee are here to secure it.

Is there any parking space available nearby?

There is a Blue zone parking (price is 2 BGN per hour, maximum 2 hours stayover), as well as paid parkings nearby. We can assist booking parking places for your event at a parking lot just opposite Launchee spaces. The price is between 2-3 BGN per hour per place, depending on the longevity of the stay and the number of parking places booked. In addition to this, there are two parking lots at the crossroad of ‘Maria Luiza’ and ‘Todor Alexandrov’ Blvd., (one of them is underground, price is BGN 2-3/h, depending on the longevity of the stay). Unfortunately, the building of TSUM, where Launchee is located, does not have its own parking lot. 

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