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We strive to become Sofia’s leading centre for hybrid events, knowledge, inspiration and growth.

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Launchee is a place in the heart of Sofia, designed especially for virtual and in-person events, workshops, trainings and collaborations. From concept to implementation and promotion, we have the space, technology and professional team to bring online and hybrid events and trainings to the next level and turn them into interactive, engaging and valuable experiences.

Launchee is much more than a venue - we are also a platform for generating and sharing ideas, knowledge, know-how and innovationRead more here.

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Welcome to the Launchee Universe! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting virtual adventure. Here you can take a look at our virtual rooms and the opportunities they offer.

Upcoming events

Oct 20, 2020 14:00

Старт БГ Подкаст

За действащите, намиращите решения и посрещащите предизвикателствата. Старт БГ Подкаст е за предприемчивите в България.
Ще видите примери и интервюта с водещи специалисти и предприемачи от страната, които имат локален опит, знания и подход.

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Online event
Regular event

Oct 21, 2020 17:00

EEST 2020 MiniConf

Cloud application or IoT device, a modern connected system is at risk without a way to verify the integrity of the systems in the network. Join our mini-conference to learn how to use hardware-based security to protect your software and infrastructure.

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Online event

Oct 24, 2020 11:00

StartUP@Blagoevgrad Online Conference "Today vs Tomorrow"

There are hardships in the adventures of every single person. There are highs and lows. The wheel goes up and down. With each rotation of the wheel, comes a turning point for the world.

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Hybrid event

Oct 27, 2020 20:00


#Хаштаг е онлайн токшоу, което представя успешни личности от света на бизнеса и Интернет. Излъчва се на живо във Facebook, директно от дома на предаването - Launchee в София. Епизодите са през седмица, от 20:00 до 21:00ч., с водещ - Етиен Янев.

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Hybrid event
Regular event

Nov 25, 2020 11:00

Career Show 2020

Водещото кариерно експо за квалифицирани кадри Career Show 2020 ще се проведе на 24 ноември в Арена Армеец и 25 ноември изцяло онлайн. Организаторите очакват общо 5000+ квалифицирани кадри и 150+ компании-изложители.

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Guests & partners

Our first space travellers say...

Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

It was an amazing experience to work with Launchee – it really felt like they had our backs. Organizing our first big online conference in only three weeks time was an enormous challenge for a small team like ours. The professionals from Launchee provided us not just with the necessary equipment, but also with their expertise on all those important little technical details that we hadn’t even thought of but really make the difference in online events. Thus, we were free to focus on the content and the speakers of the conference.

Irina Obushtarova
Managing director at Trending Topics SEE
Photo of Vessela Todorova-Mosettig

We are so happy to work with Launchee, a real high-tech accelerator for our training courses, seminars and B2B and M2M live and online events. Fully equipped with highest standard conference and transmission technologies, designed as a Class A venue in the top City centre, Launchee is one of our preferred locations for business. The quality of service and the easy access to all facilities is a priceless resource for us. You really feel at home, but being able to connect and life-stream to any other country in the World! A great thank you to Anthony and his Team for creating this premier space!

Vessela Todorova-Mosettig
Photo of Margarit Ralev

What a great place! The equipment is fantastic and the people who work there are full of enthusiasm. It's in the centre of Sofia and I recommend it to everyone who needs a professional live-streaming studio.

Margarit Ralev
Founder & Creative Director at Bulgarian Design Group
Founder & Creative Director at
Photo of Teodora Georgieva

I am one of the organizers of the HackConf conference and Django meetups and I am working with Launchee since it launched. Launchee is an amazing place with all the needed technical installations and equipment. It can make anybody feel relaxed and comfortable staying there. It's one of the best places in Sofia for events and I recommend it to lots of business partners and friends of mine. Furthermore, the organizers of the premier space are great people. They always respond to our requests in a helpful and friendly manner. I am in love with the workspace and the professionalism of the organizers. During COVID-19 we weren't able to organize offline events, but Launchee team came up with an online solution. It allowed us to continue organizing our events even more frequently than usual.

Teodora Georgieva
Digital Marketer & Event Organiser at HackBulgaria
Photo of Margarit Ralev

Everything about Launchee is great. When you discuss your project with their team or experience their support in the event you feel understood and taken care of. Best place for events and Live broadcasting. Everything has been thought through for all stakeholders.

George Mitev
Founder and Host at Старт БГ Подкаст
Founder and Visionary at Repurpose On