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I AM... with Bilyana Savova





Mar 13, 2021 11:00


Mar 27, 2021 11:00


How often do we have some alone time and ask ourselves the question “Who am I?”

How often is the answer frank, clear, conscious and not subjected to any side influences, beliefs, prejudices, people's expectations and desires?

When will be the time to pay attention to ourselves and start working on self-awareness and reach the answer to the question “Who am I?”

The answer is now!

“I AM…with Bilyana Savova” is a digital format in which topics related to self-discovery will be discussed honestly, passionately and practically. The self-discovery of us, humans. Modern, trendy, fast. Seeking, brave, struggling. Scared, sick, stressed. As we are. Here and now.

The author of the format is Bilyana Savova, creator of the projects of the “MS - Moga Sam” and “Plan to Be/ Generator” foundations.

Each edition of "I AM…” is broadcasted live online through the profiles of:

“I AM…” , “MS - Moga Sam” https://www.facebook.com/mogasam.org

“Plan to Be / Generator” https://www.facebook.com/plantobegenerator

Launchee https://www.facebook.com/launchee.space

Every two weeks, within 60 minutes, Bilyana Savova enters into a frank and personal conversation with a guest in our studio. They discuss the positive and negative sides of the chosen topics, give viewers and listeners food for thought, provocation for action and direction for development.

“I AM…” topics:

What is awareness? What is the relationship between the question “Who am I” and awareness? How can anyone answer the basic question - WHO AM I? Why is this important and how can it affect the lives of anyone who dares to do so?

Building on the foundation of “I AM…” with themes such as freedom, slavery, meaning, meaninglessness, courage, fear, confidence, timidity, acceptance, judgment, persistence, discipline, laziness, concentration, distraction, love, hate, trust, lying, joy, happiness, sadness, grief, unhappiness, health, illness...

The project “I AM… with Bilyana Savova” is implemented with the technical and professional support of Launchee.

About Bilyana Savova:

Bilyana Savova is a visual artist, creator of Plan2B Creative Studio, Plan to Be - Programs and Plan To Be / Generator and founder of the MS - Moga Sam foundation. After being diagnosed with the degenerative disease multiple sclerosis, she began her search for new ways of understanding the body and the psyche and for therapies and practices that unlock the inner healing powers. For more than five years now, she has been sharing her experience with people, organizing summer seminars on various health-related topics under the umbrella of the MS - Moga Sam foundation. She is a participant and lecturer in the seminars "Freedom to be", "Longevity" and TEDxVitosha. She has had a significant impact in the lives of hundreds thanks to her impactful message and inspiring approach, delivered in various channels and formats.

More about Bilyana: http://bit.ly/2MWp7WW

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