Meeting rooms in the heart of Sofia

Launchee's meeting rooms in Sofia offer the ideal solution for your business events, webinars and conferences. Explore the specifics of our diverse spaces, learn how to choose the perfect room for your needs, and take advantage of the many benefits of partnering with us.

Halls designed for success

Launchee's meeting rooms are carefully designed to accommodate different business needs. Whether you have an important client meeting, video broadcast or online webinar coming up, our meeting spaces offer a flexible and professional environment.

Features of Launchee meeting rooms

Numerous elements in our meeting rooms have been added to improve your event:

Advanced Video Technology:
Seamless video conferencing and broadcast capabilities ensure that your presentations and webinars run smoothly.

Flexible spaces:
Possibility of choosing between different rooms for a temporary office, holding internal meetings or larger conferences.

High-speed Internet:
Enjoy a reliable and high-speed connection for undisturbed online meetings and webinars.

Comfort and privacy:
The comfortable furnishings and soundproofing ensure a productive environment without distractions.

Everything you need for your meetings

Communication and Collaboration

  • Facilitate real-time discussions and brainstorming.
  • Allow for remote collaboration through video conferencing.
  • Foster a sense of community among team members.

Efficiency and Productivity

  • Efficient use of time with dedicated meeting spaces.
  • Versatility for various meeting types and purposes.
  • Seamless integration of remote participants.

Professional Image and Comfort

  • Ergonomic furniture and amenities like whiteboards for interactive sessions.
  • Project a professional and organized workspace.
  • Create opportunities for networking and relationship building.

Benefits of working with us

Cost-effective pricing:
Launchee offers competitive pricing with the guarantee that you will receive excellent value for the investment you have made.

Our meeting rooms provide a professional atmosphere for your business meetings, creating a lasting impression on your clients.

Central location:
Located in the heart of Sofia, our meeting rooms are easily accessible, saving time and effort for you and your attendees.

Easy reservation:
Book your meeting room online, over the phone and on-site at the studio.

Enhance your meeting room experience with additional services and amenities to suit your specific requirements - catering, professional photographer, etc.

Customer attitude:
Count on our responsive team to help you with any questions or concerns.

Launchee's meeting rooms in Sofia are the perfect choice for holding successful business events, webinars and conferences.

Contact for pricing and book a meeting room today.

Ready to take your event to new heights? Contact us to discuss details and answer all your questions.

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