Launchee - the place for your hybrid events

Launchee's studio, which combines innovation and space, has established itself as a venue for hybrid workshops, trainings, and live-streaming events in Sofia. Learn about the advantages of our hybrid event space, how to pick the ideal location and the many advantages of future collaboration.

Hybrid meeting rooms

At Launchee, the rooms are precisely designed to combine innovative technology with a sense of space, ideal for conducting productive seminars, intensive training sessions and engaging live streaming events.

Modern technology:
Immerse your audience in high-quality video streaming by ensuring seamless collaboration between online and offline participants.

A variety of spaces:
Ability to choose from 5 customizable multifunctional rooms, allowing you to adapt the space to the size and format of your event, be it conference, training or workshop.

Hybrid possibilities:
Integrate participants from both in-person and online events seamlessly to provide a positive event experience for all.

High-speed Internet:
Ensure uninterrupted online collaboration with a stable and reliable Internet connection.

An environment for innovation and good ideas:
Our place is designed to inspire creativity and innovation, fostering productive team collaboration.

Everything you need for your events

Enhanced Reach and Accessibility

  • Global audience by accommodating both in-person and virtual attendees.
  • Record and share sessions for on-demand viewing, extending the lifespan of the event.

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Easily switch between in-person and virtual setups to meet changing event requirements.
  • Allow participants to choose between attending in person or virtually, based on their preferences or limitations.
  • Provide digital resources and materials for virtual attendees to enhance their experience.

Engagement and Experience

  • Engage participants with live polls, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking opportunities.
  • Gather data on attendee engagement and preferences to improve future events.

Launchee is the perfect choice for delivering impactful workshops, trainings and innovative sessions. With cutting-edge technology, adaptable facilities, and affordable pricing, we guarantee that your hybrid events will make an impression.

Contact us for additional information, availability and pricing.

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