HackConf – creating one of the largest annual IT events in Bulgaria

Use case
Online conference

The Client

HackConf is one of the largest annual technological and motivational events in Bulgaria and has been organized since 2015. It was created by "developers" for "developers" with the purpose to bring together the IT community and creating a space for learning, collaboration, and knowledge updates. Behind the organization of the conference is HackSoft - a software development company that provides end-to-end solutions for developing a product.

After a number of successful joint events, in the autumn of 2021 the organizers contacted us again for the annual edition of the conference.

The Challenge

HackConf wanted to organize a two-day online conference for an audience of over 1000 online users. The organizers had planned the first day to be in a lecture format, which will be broadcasted in 3 parallel scenes, and the second day to be in a more practical form with many workshops.

The intense program required a flawless technological partner and streaming in order to adequately meet the expectations of the audience. The format and concept needed 3 parallel scenes, supported by several technical teams.

To summarize, the client relied on a secure technological implementation, which would ensure the smooth running of the program and seamless switching between the three streams for all the participants.

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The Solution

Launchee provided the organizers with its professional studios and streaming services. The format of the conference was more complex than the Hacksoft events we have held so far, so our team approached the event with unfailing full cooperation and flexibility.

The two-day conference went without any technical interruptions, so the participants from Bulgaria, Germany, England, Ireland, USA, Austria, Macedonia, Denmark, Serbia, India, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, France, and Canada enjoyed it at 100%. HackConf achieved its goals by making this year's event even bigger. Scaling this year’s event once again.

Results & highlights

Nearly 1,000 people from 14 countries joined HackConf 2021 simultaneously - their most successful event until now! Once again Launchee stepped in as a high-level technological partner of the conference.


870+ tickets sold








2-days conference

What our client says...

Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

I am one of the organizers of the HackConf conference and Django meetups and I am working with Launchee since it launched. Launchee is an amazing place with all the needed technical installations and equipment. It can make anybody feel relaxed and comfortable staying there. It's one of the best places in Sofia for events and I recommend it to lots of business partners and friends of mine. Furthermore, the organizers of the premier space are great people. They always respond to our requests in a helpful and friendly manner. I am in love with the workspace and the professionalism of the organizers. During COVID-19 we weren't able to organize offline events, but Launchee team came up with an online solution. It allowed us to continue organizing our events even more frequently than usual.

Teodora Georgieva
Digital Marketer & Event Organiser at HackBulgaria