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Use case
Interactive online conference

The Client

DEV.BG is a group of organizations supporting the IT industry in Bulgaria by running the largest IT community locally, doing a variety of tech events (more than 500 since 2016), developing the biggest tech media in the country and having a startup in the IT talents recruiting.

The company serves as an entry point to the Bulgarian market for new companies. For the IT employers, DEV.BG provides services like employer branding, customer development, advertising and reaching the right talent in the competitive IT industry.

The organization’s goal is to develop the IT ecosystem in Bulgaria and help it grow and prosper, and has put forward enriching and educating this growing community as its main priority. DEV.BG aspires to provide inspiring, educative and immersive events, and has already ‘won’ the tech-audience in Bulgaria as a preferred platform of learning, exchange and collaboration. 

The Challenge

DEV.BG All in One’ is the flagship annual conference of the company, connecting and challenging the IT community with the hottest topics locally and globally. The 4th edition’s program has been planned months in advance to deliver an outstanding and value-added venue, but 2020 has turned all plans upside-down. COVID-19 pandemic’s course brought forward continuous concerns over public health, and travel restrictions for speakers, partners and delegates, as well as precaution measures made it impossible and impractical to organize the 4th anniversary event physically. The team, however, did not give up – on the contrary, DEV.BG and Launchee squads rolled up their sleeves, determined to provide an unforgettable and value-added event, shaping the future direction of the IT industry. 

The Solution

DEV.BG partnered with Launchee to provide an immersive virtual experience, bringing together the IT community from the comfort and safety of their homes and any device through a dynamic tech platform. 

Just within a month, the teams managed to redesign the initial idea of organizing  a (paid) conference, by delivering a creative communication campaign, informing all delegates, and making the necessary technical preparations for the online experience. 

The client managed to seamlessly deliver a two-day interactive event totally FREE of charge. The venue provided a variety of formats and creative ways to connect with the attendees – main conference zone, sponsors’ stands, networking zone, chat. 

Moving the conference to a safe online place provided the organizers with additional benefits and budget savings on venue rent, catering and security & coordination services, logistics and big/massive technical production, cleaning services, on the spot servicing staff, promo materials printing and branding.

The conference was DEV.BG’s first online conference, and the successful organization was a result of carefully planned formats, intensive 2-days rehearsals, preparations, pre-production and recorded sessions, setting specific timings, production of intro- and outro- short videos and overlays arranged by the team according to the program. The pre-recorded sessions guaranteed a smooth and seamless organization which, mixed with real-time formats (opportunity to network 1-1 or in groups with peers, sponsor booths and interactions with the audience during the sessions) ensured an interactive experience for everyone. 

Technical scheme

Results & highlights


days of comprehensive & emotional topics


attendees in total


lecturers, bravely speaking to an online audience


virtual stands, with live representatives & online visitors

Let our clients speak for themselves...

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the whole team of Launchee – thank you for the suppor and the job well done! Working with you guys is effortless and I truly appreciate your attitude and flexibility. Keep it this way ☺.

Mitko Vasilev

Launchee has really impressed me as a venue – apart from being communicative as a location in Sofia downtown, this place is spacious, fresh and has much light. And it’s not just the place – it is also the cool people there who give their best to develop it.

Haralambi Haralambiev

DEV.BG 2020 All-in-one is DEV.BG’s best conference until now! It was great to attend both days, and there was hardly any topic or presentation which was not interesting. Congrats for the job well done and ‘thank you’ to everyone involved, including the lectors <З

Unknown traveler

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