Why should you start a podcast now?

Why should you start a podcast now?

Why should you start a podcast now?

Maya Zlatkova

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular format, and in addition to people listening to them, many are starting their own as well. Still – why is now the time to start your own podcast?

Before we lay out the facts, let's take a look at why people choose to listen to podcasts in 2021:

- Ability to "multitask" – you can do many things while listening to podcasts - driving, cooking, sports, etc. It allows you to be on the go and doesn't limit you to a specific location - you can listen anywhere, anytime.

- There are different genres of podcasts for every taste - interviews, drama, comedy, news or a combination of the above.

- One of the most compelling reasons to listen to podcasts is to be part of a community. People follow the podcasters on social media, engage with additional content, and become active fans.

Why people prefer to listen podcasts?


Why podcast?

1. Blogging was one of the best ways to build an online brand but it's losing popularity and consumer interest. People these days don't have time to consume content in front of a screen, and a podcast delivers information without having to sit in one place. A podcast delivers information without having to sit in one place.

A podcast provides information without requiring you to sit down.

  1. With a podcast, you put in less effort without making a compromise with the quality. Compared to a blog or other formats, a podcast requires a little bit less preparation. The conversation is free-form, and the editing allows you to "cut out" the moments that you do not need. If you need a professional and affordable podcast studio, you can check out what we have to offer at Launchee here.

With a podcast, you put in less effort without compromising the quality.


  1. Everyone likes to communicate and learn from professionals, but not always the latter have time to do so. Podcasting gives you the opportunity to invite them as guests in the studio, which is a win-win situation for both parties. On one hand, this gives added value to their content, on the other - you can reach their audience and promote your podcast organically.

Podcast studio


  1. Even if you are not that popular, with the right content, you can expand and reach the right audience very quickly. The target audience will give you much higher engagement and interaction than a public you have selected at random.
The right content leads to the right audience.

5. With a podcast, you can promote your business/idea naturally to your target audience. First, because it is interested in what you have to say. Second, by hearing your voice and your perspective, it makes people trust you more.

With a podcast, you promote your idea naturally to a targeted audience.

6. By creating your own podcast, you can attract the attention of colleagues and they could invite you as a guest on their formats. This way, in addition to gaining experience, you reach a new audience and generally get involved in the podcast ecosystem.

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