Why the Space topic?

Why the Space topic?

We launched in Space just a few months ago and obviously, the “Space” topic is the one that grabs your eyes and senses once you enter the galaxy of Launchee. Why is that? Is Launchee a special training center of NASA? Does Launchee offer special astronomy classes? Or maybe we are a new fancy spot where you can grab some custom-made space cakes and launch into a Cosmic experience? 

We have received so many questions and weird guesses on this topic that we have decided to summarize our answers in this ”Space Diary” post. Read on to know us better :) 

Why is everything connected to space? Do you offer any astronomy classes? 

Yeah... no. While we do not offer classes in Astronomy yet, we were inspired by the study of space and the cosmos when creating Launchee. Similar to the neverending thirst for new explorations, discoveries and the need for answers, Launchee aims to inspire the mindset where you push yourself further, even after receiving the desired answer. Ask questions. Be critical. Aspire to inspire. 

So, you’re not connected to space… then why is everything so.. spacy? 

Good question! We want to make every event at Launchee as exciting as possible. This is why our spaces are designed not just for you to host “another workshop” but for creating an intellectual expedition that is going to be remembered. And yes, you’re right, our rooms are named after space objects, light years away from Earth. We hope our exo-spaces inspire you to do so. 

The entrance to Launchee's universe

Ok, so, if Launchee is not a shop, why are you located inside of TZUM?

Well, we just couldn’t think of a more iconic building to create such an inspiring space! TZUM Shopping Center has a long history and was a place where people gathered despite tough times. We like to see this as mashing history & modern times to create something unique. 

The iconic building of TZUM - the centre of the centre

Lauchee's facade

That being said, we are sure that there are enough space-travellers, dreamers and explorers among you that would be glad to join us for a journey through our Space and plan their next expedition with us.