Suzana P. Nikiforova - "Brands can help us build a better world"

Suzana P. Nikiforova - "Brands can help us build a better world"

Suzana P. Nikiforova - "Brands can help us build a better world"

Maya Klevtsova

On December 14th, Launchee will be hosting Suzana P. Nikiforova’s book launch “ANIMAWAY BRANDING: A Conscious Business Paradigm for a Sustainable World”. We are eager to witness a different book on brands which reveals their systemic impact on business, humanity, and nature. “Animaway branding” is supposed to provide its readers a Christmas gift of eye-opening and soul-warming revelations. How come brands have turned into one of the most complex phenomena in business and society? What are the stereotypes around them? How can they help us create a sustainable future in the increasingly complex changing world? We invited Suzana over a warm cup of tea to tell us about her holistic view on brands, her animaway journey and the writing of the book, just before its official launch.

Suzana & her book cover

Suzana, why did you choose Bulgaria to be the place of your first book?

Actually, I didn’t choose it. Life did it, as with all the previous changes I had to go through. Bulgaria is the fifth shore that the ocean of life has thrown me in, to learn from experiences. So, I guess there are some lessons I have to learn in your beautiful country.

Is this book for branders, or it is something more?

The book is written for business leaders who aim towards sustainable development of their business. I’d say that for branders, marketers and service designers, it should be an obligatory reading. Truth be told, when I was writing the book I was speaking to every human being who wants to live in a sustainable World.

If you need to explain what is the book about to marketing directors who are sure to know all about branding, what will you tell them?

Seven years ago I was also sure I knew it all. Yet, I’ve learned that what I knew was outdated and limited. Be ready for a nice surprise, that is what I’ll tell them.

Why is “Animaway branding” a different book from the myriad of books on this subject worldwide?

Animaway Branding is the first book that takes a systems view of brands. It is a pioneering work at the intersection of science, business and spirituality. No book has so far provided a clear elaboration of the phenomena of brands. Additionally, most of the books about brands focus on markets and customers, and this is the first book to deal with systemic issues like human and social development. Plus, the book announces a new paradigm shift which signifies a radical change in brand management as scientific discipline and business practice.

In the book, you ask a very powerful question for reflection: “The overwhelming complexity of contemporary business and social life demands a change in the way we create, work and organize life. How would brands help us bridge the gap?” Can you shed some light on these tools?

Yes. This is the mission of the book itself as well as the core intention of the future Animaway’s activities. By living with the industrial era’s mindset, values, and tools in the knowledge society, we've unconsciously increased the complexity of life. What we need now is a radical change in the way we think, relate and create if we want to make a sustainable World. Brands can help us, and I know this will surprise many of you, but if you get to know the nature of brands as phenomena, you’ll get the answers to this riddle. The book may help you in this.

Have you found your ikigai yet?

I love your question, thank you! Yes, I’ve found my ikigai or the mission of my life. It is Animaway Branding which aims to transform branding into a force for conscious transformation of our changing world.