The new podcast at Launchee - "Non-Human Resources with Petar Dzhuganski"

The new podcast at Launchee - "Non-Human Resources with Petar Dzhuganski"

The new podcast at Launchee - "Non-Human Resources with Petar Dzhuganski"

Maya Zlatkova

We are happy to share with you that our portfolio of podcasts is being enriched and from this season we have started a new one - "Non-human Resources with Petar Dzhuganski". In the following lines, we introduce you to the presenter and what we are about to hear.

1. Who is Petar Dzhuganski?

Petar Dzhuganski is an active person who is not afraid to act and do what is in his heart. I strongly believe that in order to live fully, we should try to make not only ourselves but also the environment around us better. Otherwise, I am married with one child (as of now), former international soccer referee and current HR manager at OpenTag.

2. How did you decide to go into human resources?

A friend of mine referred me to this field. He was right that communicating and assessing people are my strong suits,  so I have been doing this for almost 10 years now.

3. Tell us a little more about the "Non-Human Resources with Petar Dzhuganski" podcast - why did you decide to start it, who is it for and what topics and guests can we expect?

I've had the idea of ​​starting my own podcast for a few years now, and for a long time what stopped me was my own insecurity that there were too many podcasts out there and also who would listen to me? However, I found that there were many people who read what I wrote and eventually the conformist in me was defeated - so I decided to start Non-Human Resources. The podcast is intended for HR, employer branding and recruitment specialists, managers and generally everyone who is interested in working with people. My guests will be people from the HR industry, managers and successful individuals from various spheres of public life.

4. Why a podcast and not a blog?

I use my LinkedIn profile as a blog, and I’m also writing articles for some online portals. I have a long-standing interest in journalism, and as a recruiter I have conducted literally thousands of interviews, so I decided that I would also do well in the role as an interviewer in my own podcast.

5. What is the current state of the labor market and how has the war in Ukraine affected this?

We are currently witnessing a cooling of the labor market as a result of signals that the economy is entering a recession. In the coming months, there will be less and less hiring of new people, but I do not expect mass layoffs like the beginning of 2020. The war in Ukraine had an adverse effect on the economy, with the tourism sector being hit the hardest. This summer, those who started work in our Black Sea resorts were few thousands less compared to the previous year.

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