"New Parents" - the new podcast at the Launchee studio

"New Parents" - the new podcast at the Launchee studio

"New Parents" - the new podcast at the Launchee studio


With this interview, we are pleased to announce the start of an amazing project that will be developed in the Launchee studio. The New Parents Podcast will cover crucial themes in child rearing and development, as given by professionals from diverse professions. We believe that "New Parents" will provide inspiration and essential information to everybody interested in their children's healthy growth and happy childhood. Follow our page for updates and new episodes.

1.Tell us more about the New Parents Podcast

We felt that producing a podcast series would be a beneficial addition for our visitors, given the New Parents website enjoys a solid following among newlyweds. We came to the conclusion that podcasts are highly convenient to listen to and can be helpful because people these days are quite busy and have a lot of duties ahead of them, including reading online and listening to audio books.Thus, we debuted our first podcast in 2021. The plan is to create a podcast series addressing the typical difficulties faced by newlyweds. These are significant questions for the parents' own attitudes as well as the upbringing of their children. We think these discussions with professionals will be very beneficial.We discuss the topics with experts and hope they are really useful.

2. How do you choose the subjects and speakers for each episode?

We keep track of the issues that our readers find interesting and engaging, and this helps us make selections. In order to meet their requirements, we try to stay current in relationships, psychology, and health.

3. Do you receive comments from listeners regarding subjects they would want to hear more about?

Many individuals respond, which gives rise to some controversial subjects that fascinate readers—books, for instance. Individuals desire to instill in their kids a love of reading. We have discussed this topic twice, and both times there was a great deal of interest.We've also experienced the reverse response, which came about following a podcast on the incredibly challenging subject of parent loss. Iva Ekimova, the guest, is a really optimistic and upbeat person, and a helpful discussion on this very challenging topic was had. The audience then responded, saying, "Yes, that's what we wanted to hear!"

4. Why did you choose to use the Launchee Podcast Studio to release your recordings?

The team's positive attitude and the excellent level of service drew us in, which is crucial when we have work to do. Since we are two countries after all,I find the professionalism admirable.

5. After transferring studios, what aspects of your podcast are you eager to tweak or enhance?

Yes, we are changing! Apart from attempting to be accommodating to our readers, we are also attempting to present our speeches as videocasts.

6. What recommendations do you have for someone who wishes to start recording podcast episodes in a professional studio?

The first step is to select a truly professional studio, as no sacrifices should be made - the listener expects to hear outstanding sound.The second consideration is the speaker's technique when asking questions. Articulation is extremely crucial and should not be overlooked. There are other complications in the conversation that is unique to television and radio, as a podcast is a form of radio. There is one situation in which there should be no blank spaces, i.e. question-answer pairs must be overlapped to avoid gaps. Because when you listen to it, it weighs.Of course, the guests must be interesting andthe topics should be exciting.

7. Have you ever had an episode that did not work out?

What motivated you to continue with following records?:)No! All of our guests and shows have been quite intriguing. Even as a questioner, I always learned something new from those who challenged me.