Mitko Vasilev, Events & Community Manager at DEV.BG

Mitko Vasilev, Events & Community Manager at DEV.BG

Mitko Vasilev, Events & Community Manager at DEV.BG

Maya Zlatkova

What’s the common between IT events, the mountain, sport education and waking up in the middle of the night, inspired by the idea of All in One Conference?

Less than a week remains until the start of DEV.BG All in One 2020 - the biggest IT conference in Bulgaria. Each year the event gathers the IT and tech community and presents the hottest and most challenging topics in the sector. Speaking of challenges, the most serious one of 2020 - the Covid-19 crisis and the restrictions connected to it, not only did not discomfit the run of the conference but actually lead to its online evolution.  

Boldness + foresight + good planning + determination turned out to be the successful combination of qualities that formed the readiness of the team of DEV.BG to move the conference completely online. This was also the main reason that brought them to Launchee. DEV.BG decided to shift to a free virtual format, adding one more day with new interesting speakers to the program of the event and in this way proving that being accessible and useful for their followers is their main priority, as is the development of the sector and the community. 

Who are DEV.BG, what is their story and mission, how does sport education maintain your personal engine that wakes you up at 03:00 o’clock in the night, full of new ideas and enthusiasm for action? 

See more in our video interview with Mitko from DEV.BG whose bright and cheerful personality is behind the successful execution of more than 600 events of the organization. 


DEV.BG All in One 2020 will happen on 28th and 29th August with direct streaming from the headquarters of Launchee. For registrations for the event, visit the following link