Launchee’s gift to you: The Event Planning Briefcase

Launchee’s gift to you: The Event Planning Briefcase

Maya Klevtsova

2020 has come to an end, and we are now rolling up our sleeves, planning the next months to come. Events, no matter our purpose or audience, have always been an important element of our calendars. We know how overwhelming it might be when it comes to organization! The possibility to miss a piece from the puzzle has always existed, even for the most experienced ones, especially if they are manoeuvring amongst several projects.  

We at Launchee have always been driven by simplicity and efficiency no matter how complicated the project might seem at first sight. That’s why, even though Christmas holidays are over, we want to present our gift to you: Launchee’s Event Planning Briefcase, so that everything you need comes handy in the right moment. You can print it and tick the details when completed, mark priorities, and why not, add something on your behalf. Well, if you are tired of the DIY stuff, you can always reach our team, who is here for you. We wish you a successful and inspiring 2021!

Launchee's Event Planning Briefcase

You can review and download our Event Planning Briefcase in English and Bulgarian.