Christmas party online – mission possible

Christmas party online – mission possible

Christmas party online – mission possible

Maya Klevtsova

Christmas is coming, and it is time to consider the best way to celebrate the end of a very bizarre year together with our teams. It is unlikely that the coronavirus measures are softened soon, so physical isolation will continue to be part of the new normal. This, however, shouldn’t stop us from gathering our colleagues, thanking them for their support during these challenging times and celebrate together – albeit from the comfort of our homes. 

How can we be fast and efficient in organizing our party? Launchee comes up with a bunch of ideas and our team will be happy to support you with personalized solutions. Here is what we can do for you: 

• Hybrid or online Christmas party with studio set-up and upbeat program 

We got used to meeting online so much that sometimes we feel it has been like that forever. Yet, virtual meetings can be so much more than the usual formats we have been using lately.

Launchee offers an online streaming from a special Christmas studio, equipped and designed according to the selected theme and the desired corporate branding. We can offer a whole scenario with various entertainments, moderators, music groups and DJ performances, interactive activities which will involve each and every one of your team, guaranteeing your audience an unforgettable experience from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Part of the team could stay at the studio – for instance, management representatives may send their warm greetings or hold a special presentation; or, we can surprise everyone with a special guest. 

Apart from the ‘usual suspects’ – the common platforms everyone’s been using like Zoom, Google Meets and WebEx, these parties can be streamed from platforms guaranteeing an interactive experience, especially created for this purpose (such as  You may choose to have a ‘main hall’ welcoming everyone for the focal part, and then group colleagues according to their taste and interests, involving also their families with thematic experiences. If you are unsure which platform will suit you best, Launchee will offer several options to choose from. 

• Designing thematic videos and digital branding 

Standard online meetings offer ‘ordinary’ corporate background and concentrate on the working environment rather on entertainment. When it’s party time, however, branding our online event is as essential as it would be live. Launchee’s SWAT team can support you with personalized teasers, corporate videos, thematic branding of the studio and the streaming platform, interactive Christmas elements, etc. Your team will connect live via the streaming platform and apart from being branded, it could be embedded in your website, or we could even create a mini-site with a special domain for the purpose. 

• Complete branding and setting of the physical studio 

Apart from the digital branding and the video-production, our team will support you with the setting design with creative ideas according to your program. 

• Interactive activities 

As we mentioned above, special streaming platforms provide a variety of options to interact with our audience. We can offer thematic layouts and different online games and activities which could involve certain groups according to their interests, or their families (with video/audio), assign them with a certain mission / competition / stream pre-recorded videos/files, etc. 

Rotating these experiences guarantee keeping everyone engaged. We can offer also moderators and hosts who can facilitate with the scenario / games / raffles / quizzes / competitions. The music background is a must -   no matter if you choose a DJ Party or a music band, and Launchee will secure a special scene where these can happen. 

Don’t forget other entertaining activities, such as cooking competitions – there can be live demonstrations from our studio and everyone could ‘replicate’ the recipe or improvise from home. Christmas parties are also an opportunity to demonstrate our social responsibility and unite the team around a charity cause, harnessing our collective energy to support someone in need. 

• Coordinating everything with the subcontractors

We know how time-consuming it is to coordinate all the trifle details around organizing your event with different partners and subcontractors, especially at year-end when there is so much else to do at work. Don’t worry, our team can do this for you, and we just want you happy, fresh and ready for a great party.

• Special gifts / costumes and props / take-away catering for all employees 

What is a great party without good food, thematic decoration / costumes and unforgettable gifts! It will be a pleasure to assist you with ideas and the subsequent preparation – just tell us in advance what you need. 

• Last but not least…how not to be ‘lost in translation’ 

To companies with multinational teams: don’t forget about translation. We can offer you support by hiring the best interpreters, so that you have an unforgettable experience! 

Contact us now to get amazing proposals and ideas!