"After Hours" - the project for the other face of the IT culture in SEE

"After Hours" - the project for the other face of the IT culture in SEE

"After Hours" - the project for the other face of the IT culture in SEE

Maya Zlatkova

What is the idea behind After Hours and who is it for?

We launched the monthly After Hours hybrid event series together with BICA to informally explore a variety of topics related to IT culture and talent, company culture and career development in Southeastern Europe.

Attracting and developing talent remains central for the success of local innovation ecosystems, and After Hours aims to explore it from all angles. To capture as many perspectives as possible, we invite business leaders, IT professionals, aspiring talent, and HR managers from technology companies in the region.

What topics should we expect going forward?

After the first topic "Parents @ work: Choosing between family or career ... or both", in which we examined what the secret formula behind the family and career success of entrepreneurs and managers is, we will also explore the best practices for creating a good work environment and culture in tech companies.

The first event was a hybrid one. Do you think that contributed to its success and what was the feedback after it?

People's enthusiasm for once again attending physical events is palpable right now. However, online streaming brings added value to audiences who are unable to attend live. In this way, the desired effect and the efforts put into the organization of each event are maximized.

A new Covid wave is set. Do you think hybrid events are a long-term solution to preserve a sense of social life in people?

Regardless of how serious the anti-epidemic measures will be, the hybrid format has already established itself as a long-term solution for holding any social events. Audiences expect event organizers to offer hybrid participation. On the other hand, this opens up new opportunities for marketing and monetization through event organizers.