6 tips for choosing the right conference venue

6 tips for choosing the right conference venue

6 tips for choosing the right conference venue

Maya Zlatkova

The right venue can establish the tone for your event, create the right mood, and guarantee that your audience has a wonderful time. But there are so many options on the market that choosing can be a real challenge. In the following lines, we have compiled a list of six ideas to assist you in your search for the appropriate conference room.

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Set a budget:

The cost of renting a conference room can vary significantly depending on the location, size and amenities offered. Before you start looking, it's important to know what your budget is. Don't be fooled that higher prices mean better quality - quite the opposite. Do your research and compare different offers to find a hall that fits your budget while still offering everything you need.

Additional amenities:

The size of the conference room is extremely important. You need to make sure the space can accommodate all your guests. Consider factors such as seating arrangements, stage placement, video and audio equipment, and additional break areas. It's also a good idea to plan for the unexpected, so choose a venue that allows for some flexibility if your visitor numbers change.

Main conference hall at Launchee

Technical service:

Renting a conference space without fundamental technical services such as high-speed Internet, high-tech multimedia, video and audio equipment, live streaming, and video broadcasting is inconceivable nowadays. Secure and high-quality streaming is extremely important if you are planning to host an online event or webinar, or if you simply want to ensure a hassle-free experience for your audience. Make sure you can count on impeccable maintenance.

Additional rooms:

While the main conference room is essential, access to other, smaller meeting rooms can only be a plus for your event. These spaces can serve as rooms for speaker preparation, relaxation areas, important business meetings or conference work sessions.

Extra services:

Find out if the chosen location offers additional services and amenities such as catering, complete technical assistance (setup and control of audio and video equipment, help with registrations, etc.), professional photographer, etc.

Location and accessibility:

Attendance at a conference can be considerably impacted by its location. Choose a place that is easily accessible by public transport or has parking in the area. Proximity to hotels and restaurants is also essential for international guests. Launchee is located in the historical centre of Sofia and meets all the listed advantages.

Don't undervalue the importance of a conference site in determining the success of your event. Take time to plan your budget, and research the possibilities of the location, the technical services and the additional amenities that it offers. These key factors ensure you are properly prepared for your event. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.