You want to teach - We have the space

Live teaching and training to virtual students at Launchee

Lift off your lessons

You have the knowledge - We have the technology

We know that teachers and coaches work hard to find ways to effectively teach online all things they used to teach. That’s the reason we offer you 5 fully equipped rooms where you can come and conduct your online lessons. Space only for you and your virtual students.
Because all students deserve it, we create a suitable environment, give you a better experience and raise the value of your lessons.

High-definition video systems
High-quality audio
Software of your choice
Escreo boards

The space

Interior design

Diversity of venues to choose

Our 5 rooms are named after space objects, light years away from Earth. This is because our spaces are designed not just to host “another workshop or lesson”, but for creating an intellectual expedition that is bound to be remembered.

Possibility for pre-recorded lessons and private tutoring

We know that the new reality is here but the good old live run one-on-one or group coaching sessions are still possible.
Your lessons could be even more interactive if you just record them in advance - the choice is yours.

Availability for web-conferences and webinars

The equipment of Launchee Studio is on your side to bring your educational event to life - from web conferences to webinars. Just come up with the idea and we’ll help you realise it.

Interior design with learning in mind

We were inspired by the study of space and the cosmos, similar to the never-ending thirst for new explorations, discoveries and the need for answers, Launchee aims to inspire the mindset where you push yourself further, even after receiving the desired answer.
Ask questions. Be critical. Aspire to inspire.

The experience

The very most communicative location in Sofia
Knowledgeable support team
Free access to refreshments and kitchen corner

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