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The StartUP 2021 Conference





Nov 21, 2021 11:00


Nov 21, 2021 0:00


In a galaxy far, far away… or a future not so far away…

This year, we will give a glimpse into the future by taking you to outer space, into the depths of the unknown!

Join us on November 21st for our hybrid and FREE StartUP Conference, where we, along with our partner Launchee, will take you on a colorful journey into the future of business! Crypto, Bio Tech, AI, DeepTech, the automotive industry, & many more - there will be something for everyone.

For those with green passes, you are welcomed to join us in the ABF Theater and watch the live stream with our team!

As for our other viewers, we have you covered as well - you can watch it online and not miss out on this amazing experience! No registration needed, just prepare to have fun!

Bring your curiosity and leave the rest to us.

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