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The Bulgarian Recovery Plan and climate-resilient actions





Dec 15, 2020 12:00


Dec 15, 2020 13:30


12’       Opening speech by the French Ambassador, Mrs. Florence ROBINE

12’05   Overview of the Bulgarian Recovery and Resilience Plan 

  • Mr. Ivan IVANOV, Director of the "EU Funds - Central Coordination Unit" - Council of Ministers 

12’20   Towards a Green and Climate Resilient Bulgaria: overview and contributions 

  • ‘Overview of Bulgaria’s energy transition plan’ by Mr. Zhecho STANKOV, Vice-Minister of Energy
  • Main Projects in the agricultural sector, with a focus on modernisation of irrigation infrastructures’ by Mrs Mariya HRISTOVA, Counsellor of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and by Mrs Snezhina DINEVA, Executive Officer of the public company Irrigation systems  
  • Main projects in the environmental area, with a focus on early integrated warning systems” (ministry of environment and water - tbc) 

12’50       5 pitches of French companies on their climate-resilient technologies

  • TOTAL-SAFT’s know-how in batteries and low-carbon electricity storage 
  • METEO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL’s systems and apps/ early warning and prevention disasters forecast
  • VEOLIA’s experience in digitalized services for an efficient use in water resources
  • RICHEL’s partnership in Bulgaria for a competitive and sustainable agriculture : greenhouses heated by renewable energies 
  • CANAL DE PROVENCE’s irrigation infrastructures dedicated to high value agricultural products (wine)


13’15    Questions-answers with participants, followed by concluding remarks by Mrs. Florence DOBELLE, Head of the Regional Economic Service and Mr. Stéphane DELAHAYE, President CCI France Bulgaria 


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