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Talent Talks: Impact & Mess vs. Structure & No Stress





Sep 16, 2020 18:30


Sep 16, 2020 21:00


What makes top talents choose a startup over a corporate career or the other way around? Are there any common factors besides money that play a role in this decision? Is it possible to have a meaningful and impactful job at a big company and is such really stress-free? And, to the opposite side - are startup roles always chaotic and is work-life balance possible in such an environment?

“Talent Talks” is a series of events Trending Topics has started to demystify the myths around what the rock stars in the tech sector are actually after. We will be back at Launchee on September 16th for our second edition - this time in a hybrid form - with a smaller in-person audience and added live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. But nonetheless, we’ll be exploring again what in reality motivates professionals in the Bulgarian technology sector.

What kind of people thrive when building things from scratch, enjoy the turbo-rapid learning of new skills mostly on their own, and actually care about being part of mission-driven innovative teams? When having guidance, order, and predictability tilt the scales towards a job in the corporate world?

To get answers to all these questions and more, we are inviting engineers, CTOs, product builders from both worlds to talk about what they really want and expect from a job environment, what has driven them to go after their current choice, and openly discuss the best and worst parts of working in a startup or corporate environment.

- 18:30 open doors/ screens
- 19:00 panel discussion
- 20:00 Q&A

Panelists: TBA soon!

Note: Tickets are free but registration is required. You also have the option to support us with a small donation so we can organize even more cool events for the regional innovation ecosystem

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