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Mastering Virtual Presentations

Jul 14, 2020 18:30


Jul 14, 2020 8:30


How to make the people on the other side of the call listen, engage and buy your idea or product while having great experience…
How to plan and prepare the delivery of a successful virtual presentation
How to write a story that grabs and keeps the attention till the end and dress it in slides that help instead of distracting
How to choose the tools that are just right for the particular goal of the presentation
How to handle situations specific for the virtual space

Has the way you pitch your business to clients and investors changed in the past months? Have you noticed the fine differences in the reactions of the team when you are presenting a new idea, project, or initiative recently? The remote-first mode has put communication and presentations in a different paradigm. Clients and investors may seem more accessible on the first sight, teams have adjusted to online communication, but at the same time everyone is overloaded with information and is more easily distracted. No matter if its sales, fundraising, or internal communications, the challenges are the same: How do you make people stay with you and be enthusiastic and engaged with what you care deeply for until the end of the call?

Here’s where presentation master Boris Hristov comes to the rescue:

We invited Boris, the founder of the presentation agency 356labs again after his last year's talk about sales collateral that closes deals. In a fireside chat with our Irina Obushtarova, he’ll give us some exclusive insights about outstanding virtual presentations - from the storytelling and the journey, to the slide design and… of course some fine details and tricks. Just the virtual presenting kit you need to accomplish whatever goal you have right now.


b2b Sales & Marketing people who want to get across their message

HR & Finance people who want to help businesses make the best decisions

Leaders who want to engage with their team effectively

Tech & Engineering teams who want to present their brainchild in the most captivating way

Anyone appreciating a good presentation


Boris’ company is behind presentations that closed multi-million-dollar customer deals, secured startup investments from people like Bill Clinton and helped Gradus raise 40M EUR in the second-biggest IPO in the history of Bulgaria. Currently, he is working with big brands like KPMG, Publicis, Roche, Unicredit Bulbank, Microsoft, Renault and more.

Irina is currently the managing director of Trending Topics SEE. She started her career in sales first in the media sector in Austria, then switched to the tech sector, where she was responsible for the marketing of different software solutions across Europe, and eventually came back to her medi roots setting up the business & tech online media Trending Topics SEE.

The event will be held in English and registrations are required. Questions from the audience will be taken so make sure you prepare to shoot and not miss the chance to get the most out of Bobbi and Irina’s fireside chat.

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