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Learn English while you're playing with Fast ForWord

Jul 3, 2020 16:00


Jul 3, 2020 17:00


Find out why the program has been successfully applied in more than 50 countries in the world for 25 years now. Learn interesting facts about why studying with Fast ForWord doesn't get you exhausted, but keeps you entertained!

Ask Julia Kamburidis and Nelly Gomez for everything that concerns you regarding the program Fast Forword. Find out how to sign up and what kind of results you can expect.

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Старт БГ Подкаст

За действащите, намиращите решения и посрещащите предизвикателствата. Старт БГ Подкаст е за предприемчивите в България.
Ще видите примери и интервюта с водещи специалисти и предприемачи от страната, които имат локален опит, знания и подход.

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Django Bulgaria is back. The first autumn season will be with Ivaylo Bachvarov, a full-stack developer, HackSoft's CTO, and Python Software Foundation's fellow.

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