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What is Launchee and what are the benefits of working with us?

Premium space for online and hybrid events and meetings in the heart of Sofia. Launchee provides live event streaming from any location.

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Launchee is a multifunctional space in the heart of Sofia, which organises, holds and streams events. From concept to implementation and promotion, we have the venue, innovative technology and professional team to bring online and hybrid events and trainings to the next level and turn them into interactive, engaging and valuable experiences.

If you are looking to book the perfect venue for your seminars, trainings, conferences or corporate events, at Launchee you will find the flexibility you need for a seamless mix of hybrid, online and in-person events.

Take a virtual walk in our Cosmos!

Welcome to the Launchee universe! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for an exciting virtual adventure. Here you will be able to explore our spaces and the possibilities they offer.

Why choose Launchee?

Flexible halls for any type of event:

Launchee is a haven for creativity and innovation. No matter if you're organising intensive workshops, a networking event, a remote office for the team, or a product launch, our rooms may be precisely configured to meet your needs at a reasonable price. From dedicated conference rooms to open workspaces, we offer an ideal environment for your team and company. You can choose among 5 cosy and modern halls of different capacities, which are equipped with the most innovative technologies.

Prime location and accessibility:
Launchee has a strategic and central location that provides easy access for local participants and boasts excellent connectivity for the virtual audience.

Enhance your business conference experience:
Business conferences take on a new meaning in our event venue. The mix of modern technologies and a cosy atmosphere encourage productivity and commitment. From interactive presentations to seamless online work, our space ensures that your conference will achieve its goals.

Launchee is much more than a venue - we are also a platform for generating and sharing ideas, knowledge, know-how and innovation.
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For pricing, availability and information about services, please contact us. 

Upcoming events


BDG Monthly meeting

Bulgarian Design Group holds regular hybrid meetings in Launchee's studio, where they welcome interesting visitors from the design world and beyond.

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Regular event
In-person event



Start BG Podcast

For those who act, find solutions and challenge themselves. Start BG Podcast is created especially for entrepreneurs in Bulgaria.

Here you can watch interviews with leading specialists and entrepreneurs who have gained experience and knowledge about the local good practices.

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Regular event
Online event



Radiotochka 2

The podcast for soft skills researchers.

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Regular event
Online event



I AM... with Bilyana Savova

“I AM…with Bilyana Savova” is a digital format in which topics related to self-discovery are discussed honestly, passionately and practically.

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Regular event
Hybrid event



“Non-human resources” with Petar Dzhuganski

The podcast for HR, Employer branding and recruitment specialists.

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Regular event
Online event

Guests & partners

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Our space travellers say...

Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

Once again, we choose Launchee as a partner for our events, as their professionalism is at an extremely high level - exactly what we need. The team is flexible, finds the best solutions, reacts quickly and working with them is pleasant and easy, especially when creating a challenging technical event. We will certainly reach them again. They are definitely the best partners for hybrid events.

Simeon Vasilev
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

We are working with Launchee for a second year in a row - and once again, the experience was great. The Launchee's team professionalism helped us to focus on the organization itself, which was quite beneficial for us. As a small university club, the opportunity to collaborate with Launchee for our online events was very important and the result was amazing.

Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

This year we chose to hold ExpoMoitePari at Launchee. The perfect place for one of the most successful editions to date, realized with the support of the team of Launchee professionals. The hall is perfectly arranged for all kinds of events and the unique quality of Live Streamimg contributed to the full experience of all online visitors of the event. We thank the team for their dedication and look forward to the next joint activities between and Launchee

Dimitar Radev
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

Showing the Bulgarian horticulture in the Netherlands via a webinar in Launchee worked great! The studio quickly transferred into a farm, the high level guests in the studio made professional pitches and the online speakers from NL connected smoothly.We achieved stress-free preparation process and professional result… Thank you Launchee team!

Doriana Milenkova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

I love doing events at Launchee! I've been there as a speaker on several occasions (a hybrid conference, a hybrid event and regular podcast recording) and love the place and the people in the team!Launchee is a modern space of quality - fresh looking and with great technical capabilities for live, online and hybrid events. The location is also great, it is easy to reach with any kind of transport!After a few events - me and my team are now regularly using the space for recording the podcast #Radiotochka2.

Hari Haralambiev
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

MOVE.BG has been working with Launchee Space for several years now, we contact them for every important professional event, because we are sure of its success when they are our partner. Launchee's team consists of exceptional professionals who pay attention to every detail of our event. They always find a way to meet each of our requirements. We are grateful to work with them and we can trust them completely, because together we can do more.

Rusana Kumanova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

On October 30, we held an event at Launchee. Perfect organization, dedication to work and exceptional professionalism. Not for a moment was there a breakdown in the sound or the picture. Many thanks to the whole young and smiling team. We recommend!

Mariya Kirova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

Our event wouldn't be the same without the professional help and support of Launchee's team! The event space itself is just great - with amazing design, great equipment and not to mention the perfect location at the heart of the city! The team is super supportive and facilitated us each step of the way. We definitely recommend Launchee as one of the best places for different kinds of events - from live ones to hybrid and webinars.

Reach for change
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

Launchee has been our partner in organizing online and hybrid events for a second year. We met by necessity, looking for an option to do events during the pandemic, but our partnership quickly become a sustainable and quality choice. We found responsiveness, professionalism, ingenious approach to non-standard situations in the Launchee team. You can rely on and work easily with them, which means a lot!

Camelia Ivanova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

As Fulbright Bulgaria event manager I can tell you that when organizing an event, you're confronted with many decisions, but choosing the right venue and location is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event. For me, the collaboration with the amazing Launchee team, especially with Tzvetelina Grozdanova and Ilias Adamant is by far the best part of my work on a given project. So far we have delivered together two international conferences, the first - entirely online, the second -hybrid. Everything with the space itself is perfect - location, parking, ambiance. All the services Launchee provides, such as live stream, design, branding, florist, catering, are delivered on time and are of supreme quality. Trust me, if you wish your hybrid conference to stand out, choose Launchee - you will thank me later!

Lyra Konstantinova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

The biggest challenge for ourselves was to actively involve every single participant, taking into account the virtual venue. We managed to do it - with the proper content, interactivity and the right technical equipment. Launchee has such a professional team - starting from the valuable advice based on their experience, the quality streaming, the many ideas shared during the process, and the sense of security they give without failing a single detail. We not only reached the closest to a physical event but managed to get the best out of the virtual format!

Zhivko Zhelev
Regional Sales manager at “Toyota Balkans”
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

Working with the team of Launchee was a real pleasure! They were extremely professional and thought of every little detail of our stream. We changed the initial concept quite a bit and did a much complex event than initially planned, including a combination of various onsite, online and pre-recorded elements. Tsveti and the team were very supportive and accommodating and helped us organize everything perfectly, while catering to all our needs and requests. Big thanks to the team and looking forward to working with them again!

Gergana Stoichkova
Irina Obushtarova, Photo credit: Christian Krzywoblocki

It was an amazing experience to work with Launchee – it really felt like they had our backs. Organizing our first big online conference in only three weeks time was an enormous challenge for a small team like ours. The professionals from Launchee provided us not just with the necessary equipment, but also with their expertise on all those important little technical details that we hadn’t even thought of but really make the difference in online events. Thus, we were free to focus on the content and the speakers of the conference.

Irina Obushtarova
Managing director at Trending Topics SEE
Photo of Vessela Todorova-Mosettig

We are so happy to work with Launchee, a real high-tech accelerator for our training courses, seminars and B2B and M2M live and online events. Fully equipped with highest standard conference and transmission technologies, designed as a Class A venue in the top City centre, Launchee is one of our preferred locations for business. The quality of service and the easy access to all facilities is a priceless resource for us. You really feel at home, but being able to connect and life-stream to any other country in the World! A great thank you to Anthony and his Team for creating this premier space!

Vessela Todorova-Mosettig
Photo of Margarit Ralev

What a great place! The equipment is fantastic and the people who work there are full of enthusiasm. It's in the centre of Sofia and I recommend it to everyone who needs a professional live-streaming studio.

Margarit Ralev
Founder & Creative Director at Bulgarian Design Group
Founder & Creative Director at
Photo of Teodora Georgieva

I am one of the organizers of the HackConf conference and Django meetups and I am working with Launchee since it launched. Launchee is an amazing place with all the needed technical installations and equipment. It can make anybody feel relaxed and comfortable staying there. It's one of the best places in Sofia for events and I recommend it to lots of business partners and friends of mine. Furthermore, the organizers of the premier space are great people. They always respond to our requests in a helpful and friendly manner. I am in love with the workspace and the professionalism of the organizers. During COVID-19 we weren't able to organize offline events, but Launchee team came up with an online solution. It allowed us to continue organizing our events even more frequently than usual.

Teodora Georgieva
Digital Marketer & Event Organiser at HackBulgaria
Photo of Margarit Ralev

Everything about Launchee is great. When you discuss your project with their team or experience their support in the event you feel understood and taken care of. Best place for events and Live broadcasting. Everything has been thought through for all stakeholders.

George Mitev
Founder and Host at Старт БГ Подкаст
Founder and Visionary at Repurpose On
Photo of Margarit Ralev

Thank you once again for all the support and the good job for our conference All in one 2020. It is easy to work with you, because of the flexibility and attitude. Keep it all in the future :)

Mitko Vasilev
Events & Community Manager at DEV.BG
Photo of Margarit Ralev

I want to thank you very much for everything we have done together. Thank you for your professional attitude and friendly support. It was a pleasure for me to be part of the team and I am glad that we managed to handle everything.

Didi Zafirova
Managing Director at